Artist's Statement

In addition to my single blown glass forms of fruit, glass platters and vases, I also create sculptural environments that make a comment on universal experiences usually on domestic themes. My research, ideas and concepts come from life observations. These sculptures are small worlds and landscape portraits with life-sized objects and sometimes tiny silver people. They create a surrealistic time and place. I also make bowls of realistic fruit and bowls of vegetables. My sculptures combine wood and glass, a series I call "Pear in a Chair" and "Wedding Pair". These are made with the collaboration of my husband John Martner who fabricates the tiny wood chairs and love seats. Painting with low fire glass paints and fusing them on tiles, glass and blown glass platters, creating landscapes of the prairie seen from my studio window, areas around Wisconsin and visions of landscapes from my many travels, has been a recent addition to my work in glass.

Our studio is an old renovated cheese factory with posters, photos and lots of space for my creative work. Along with a glass blowing studio on the first floor, there is my husband's wood shop and my painting studio upstairs.